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Make tying the knot just that little bit more awesome with these next-level wedding photo booths, Sydney and nationwide.

You’ve got the sweet ride, slipped your granddad’s old hip flask somewhere snug, and hoiked on your pale blue garter – time to let us bring the something new. Whatever your W Day theme, we’re all over it like sunburn on a Bondi Beach tourist. We will work with you and your wedding planner to create something huge.

We tailor the backdrops, bring the props, and send you a wedding photo booth with an attendant of your own to be on snapping duties – someone who’ll slip in as easily as your first bubbly slips down.

We’ve also designed and built an elegant wedding photo booth just for you. We call it “Just Married” and it’s the perfect Gold Coast wedding photo booth for the occasion, or wherever your celebration may be. We also have other themed booths including our popular vintage photo booth too. Or for something totally unique, we can design and re-skin the exterior of the booth and add your names, design, theme or even photos on the outside of the booth (just to make your bridesmaids envious… shhh).

With a Blue Steel booth for every venue, budget and personality – not to mention all the social media-ready snaps that come with it – your Big Day just turned into your Massive Day. And it’s never been this affordable to allow your guests to leave you and your partner a heartfelt video message in full HD, which is the perfect addition to the stylish and fun photo booth pics.

Wedding Options

  • Guest Book

    Hello there, you sexy devil. We’re talking about our Guest Book – a hot coffee table tome, packed with sizzling shots and messages from your guests. Oh, and ready and waiting to take away with you at the end of the night along with all your other gifts. You’ll be reliving your Big Day snaps by bleary-eyed brekky-on-the-balcony time. Each image will be sharp and squeaky clean – even if we can’t guarantee the same about the best man’s drunkenly scribbled message.

  • HD Video Booth

    Booths that rock. Booths that roll… Capture the madness on film in a Blue Steel HD video booth. From your best friend’s tear-soaked message to the insightful yet crazy uncle (we’ve all got one!), to the genuine LOLs and more… we’ll get it locked down for you in HD video. So good ❤️

  • Themes

    Match your day with a bespoke photo backdrop. Theme your snaps to mirror your Big Day vibe, best man’s socks, or the mother-in-law’s fascinator.  Remember, the world is your luxury shellfish… Moreton Bay Bug or King Prawn.

  • Props

    Props maketh the tears of laughter roll down thy cheek. And we don’t hold back at all. In fact, we’re famous for them. We’ve got our mitts on everything you can think of – from stylish retro attire, outrageous masks and stupidly funny hats, to quaint wedding accessories and frames. And if your big day is themed, we can arrange a bespoke prop box to cater for any vogue, including personalised message boards to hold up.

    Resistance is futile.

  • Social Media

    You’ve got the Big Day sorted, you’ve got the hashtag and the t-shirt – now spread the news with our touch-me-and-share-it-now touchscreen technology. Guests can upload their favourite images straight to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS or email, before they even finish their first glass of fizzy stuff. #Love

  • The Wedding Booth.

    Oh, do we have a special treat for you and your gorgeous partner. Choose our elegant White Wedding booth pictured here, or make it your own bespoke booth by having your names and/or photos in the frame where it says “Just Married”. You want to go next level? We can re-skin the entire booth in any way you want. Now that’s just being ridiculous…ridiculously AWESOME!

  • Backdrops

    The backdrop of any photo can certainly set the scene. You can choose from red, white or black material background, or tell us what you want and we’ll track down the picture perfect accompaniment for your soirée. Vintage, elegant or something that is uniquely “you”.

  • GIFs

    Strike a pose. And make a move. With GIF capability you can capture all the pre-pout, pout and post-pout action in a piece-by-piece animated sequence. Share the images straight to social channels directly from the booth.


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