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Slip inside. We think you’ll like it.

Grab your mates. Get in. Draw the curtain.

If there’s one thing you do ahead of your event, it should be to invite one of our classic booths along. A party must-have, they arouse as much excitement as the moment the DJ first spins Push It. In theory, they hold four people – but we’ve heard you can fit in eight people. Time to get cosy.

Dimensions: 2.23m (w) 2m (h) 1.26m (d).

Minimum operating space requirement: 2.5m (w) 2m (h) 1.8m (d).


Booth Features

  • HD Video

    Personal messages, LOLs, boozy sing-alongs and more from your night, all immortalised on film? Get it here. Pre-set the recording time (we recommend 30 seconds), take your place in front of the camera and get your moves on. Oh, and you’ve got the option of having the booth purely as an HD video booth, or we can add the video option so your guests can have their photos taken too. Snazzy, hey?

  • Custom prints

    Choose exactly how you want your photos to look, from the number of images on the print, to the layout and curtain background – and enhance them with a custom overlay, too. Go on, get yourself noticed.

  • Social Media

    Share the love. Spread the word. Our booths are fully social media-integrated. They come with iPads and 32-inch touch screen tech for uploading, so happy revellers can post images from your par-tay straight to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS and email. On your marks, get set, go viral. #ohyeah

  • Custom Exteriors

    Make our booth, your booth. Heck, make it not even look like a booth. We can customise the exterior skins of our classic booths with company logos, pictures of you and your fiancé for your Big Day, or fully transform it so it looks like it should be on the set of Spielberg’s latest blockbuster. Send us the artwork, or give us a brief, and we’ll make sure your booth turns more heads than a budgie smuggler walking through the Queen St mall.

  • Backdrops

    Say ta-ta to lame drapes and strike a pose in front of a black, white, patchwork, polka dot, vintage floral, you-name-it design instead. And if we don’t have that ‘90s He Man print you saw in your dream last night, we’ll do everything we can to get our mitts on it.

  • What’s Included

    Get a Classic Blue Steel Booth at your bash. Click below to find out more information on what’s included.

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