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Blue Steel: it’s another word for party. Hire a party photo booth with us today.

Time to party, people! Whatever the bash, we’ll bring the booth and make sure It. Goes. Off. Granny-dear’s 80th? Office Christmas party? Get us on it. We’ll ensure the memories of it are locked down for the rest of time!

Party Options

  • Guest Book

    The Blue Steel guest book? Just sexy shots and personal messages from your guests in one smokin’ coffee table album – all ready to take home with you at the end of the night.

  • HD Video Booth

    Get your guests up in our booth’s grill and we’ll get their messages, dance moves and you-name-it down on celluloid forever. Watch back whenever you want and laugh. Laugh like a hyena, goddamnit!

  • Themes

    Blast your guests into Outer Space, launch them onto the red carpet, take them to the wild, wild west or a lay them on a tropical beach using green screen technology. We do customised photo backdrops to enhance any event, décor or theme. Seriously, the sky is no limit.

  • Props

    Ever wondered what your best mate would look like with an monkey’s head? (“When is s/he NOT wearing an monkey’s head?” you say…) We’ve got dress-up sorted – and we can get as legit crazy as you like. And if you have a themed party, we can sort a specialised prop box for any occasion.

  • Social Media

    Touchscreen technology + Blue Steel event staff equals a party to end all parties. Watch your guests upload shots straight to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS or email. #Lol #Bestpartyever

  • GIFs

    Strike a pose. And make a move. With GIF capability you can capture all the pre-pout, pout and post-pout action in a piece-by-piece animated sequence. Share the images straight to social channels directly from the booth.