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Nov 2017 Blog

How to Trend on Social Media

By Gavin Lawrence

There’s a myriad of reasons why a topic or brand trends on Social Media. I’ll only focus on what we know and do best. This is more beneficial for people who run marketing activations and events, however it may be useful to the greater community.

Say for example, you have an event or activation in the planning. On the day of it going live, one person takes a selfie, tags the location, uses a hashtag and posts to their favourite social media. Lets say a moderate 100 people see that post. We all know that many people have more than 100 active friends or followers. Some even thousands and the very popular, tens to hundreds of thousands, even a million+…but we’ll keep it real with 100.

100 people see that original post. Now if 300 people at the same event posted a pic with the same location and hashtag, that number rises to 30,000 people. So, if there was a simple, effective and fun way to control the content, image quality, lighting, (green screen) background, filter, location, hashtag and add your logo or branding on each post, you’ve just shown your brand to 30,000 people in a few hrs. I’m just trying to think of a way to do that…cough, cough, Photo or Video Booth, cough, cough.

That’s social media integration.

The beauty of this, is that friends and followers of the person that makes the post can see it (with your branding). We can setup the booth to post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SMS and/or Email. Photo and video booths attract people. They always have and still do. Humans love a great photo or video of themselves, and that’s what we provide. Paid ads can and do work, however if you think about what you’ve liked, shared and commented on social media in the past week, it’s a safe bet that almost 100% were from friends, pages you follow or your own posts.

For instant results, we can add a Facebook “Like” tab when guests of the booth post to social media via the iPad stands. This means they immediately like and follow your page. We also provide our client with all the stats and data collected through the activation.

Ok, now you want to bump up the number considerably from 30,000. Lets increase the locations or days. Imagine your activation rolls out in 5 cities and 5 days in each city. Or 25 locations in the one city, as we’ve done in the past. Now were talking about 750,000 reach and views before likes, shares and comments even kick in.

And that, my friend, is HOW YOU TREND.

Finally, I’m not giving you this advice from lessons I’ve learned from an “expert” or something I’ve read in business class. My business has been entrusted to shoot photos, GIFs and videos then rollout social media integration at activations and events for some of the biggest brands in the nation, and even the world. Brands like Red Bull, Toyota, Sandro ParisCoates Hire, DON, Coors, Vaalia, Pedestrian TV and Chemist Warehouse. You can see our full client list as well as client testimonials that we’re immensely proud of too. We were also interviewed by Australian TV show, SBS Small Business Secrets in October 2017.

Here are some branded case studies to check out. The KIIS FM activation attracted 1.1+ million views from only 600+ posts. Not only did this trend, but we grew our clients social media “at an unprecedented rate”. Blue Steel won Best Photography Business @ 2017 Australian Small Business Champion Awards and we pride ourselves in going to the next-level with everything we do.

You really don’t need to be a massive brand to make this work for you. Get in touch and lets make it happen.

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